SAFE Forum Conference: Connectivity

SAFE Business Forum held a successful meeting at Coleg Cambria, Northop Campus on 20/06/17.

52 delegates attended to hear speakers from Coleg Cambria North Wales Police and Flintshire County Council.

Direct Line Communications, based in Shotton have 25 years’ experience supporting businesses with Telephony Solutions.
Lynne Wood highlighted How The Internet of Things is impacting positively on business performance but it only works if you have good broadband connectivity, WiFi and business mobiles suitable to cope with the speeds and security.

Given the topical subject of connectivity-Lynne explained their business approach is not “foot in the door” or “sign here” –it might take time to find a real alternative when Openreach are still working on their network infrastructure, but Direct Line will work with businesses to ensure you get a service fit for purpose, unlike some Telecoms Dealers that close the sale no matter what.

With the planned arrival of 5G BY 2020 –the first mobile devices should be on sale the same year. We can expect 5G to get a lot closer to fixed broadband which will open up business choice as to what they use. Today, it’s important to secure WiFi connections, work with a reputable provider as regards the current internet options and keep an open mind as change is happening on average every 90 days.

Lynne and her team are happy to help you understand the landscape and your options just click to arrange a no obligation meeting