Ongoing Campaign To Save Our North Wales Businesses

Dear Members and Supporters,

I would like to thank you for the amazing support you have provided so far for our campaign. We have received hundreds of emails and all of your concerns and issues have been passed to the Welsh and UK governments. I have been speaking to Ministers and senior officials from both governments, emphasising the urgency in delivering the promised support. I am pleased that they have come up with a variety of impressive support measures for the hospitality and leisure sectors.

However, there is still major confusion that needs to be clarified by the Government. Unfortunately, our demand for rate rebate support of up to £500K rateable value for all sectors has been totally ignored. Our region has strong SME businesses within the manufacturing sectors – manufacturing is the backbone of our region’s economy and is the most significant economic powerhouse for the whole of Wales. If they go down, it will be almost impossible to resurrect them and the impact on Wales is unthinkable.

Please continue to email us with your stories, issues and suggestions. All of your concerns, questions and issues will be transmitted to both governments. If you wish receive a call from a senior official from either government, we can arrange it for you. I sincerely hope your bank is providing you with speedy support too.

We will continue to campaign, be very vocal and fight for our businesses and communities in North Wales. Our local media, especially the Wrexham and Flintshire Leader have been amazing in supporting us. Sadly, the national media such as the BBC, ITV and Sky have pretty much ignored North Wales. All of their concentration is on South Wales.

I had a call from our President, Lord Barry Jones PC, asking me to let you know that in these difficult times his thoughts are with all of our businesses and the employees. He has witnessed several tragic economic downturns during his time as an MP decades ago and he shares our pain.

Please let us know if you have any vacancies you may be able to offer for some of the people who have sadly lost their jobs and livelihoods.


Best wishes,
Askar Sheibani – Chair, DBF