Employment Tribunal Fees – What Business Owners Need to Know

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You may already be aware that on the 26th July, the Supreme Court ruled that Employment Tribunal Fees introduced in 2013 were unlawful.

This means that all fees must now be refunded, and prospective claimants will no longer have to pay tribunal fees. The impact may be felt as follows:

Increase in tribunal claims

Now the fees have been lifted there is no barrier for former employees who are more likely to bring a claim. Employers need to take extra caution when dealing with their employees!

Prospective current claims
Employees who are still within the time limit for bringing a claim will be more willing to press ahead.

Out of time claims
It remains to be seen whether claimants who would have brought a claim (but decided not to because of the fees) will now be able to bring that claim in the Tribunal – employers may be faced with dealing with historic claims from 2013 onward.

Action: what to do now

  • Make sure you are protected against the risk and costs of Employment Tribunal claims.
  • Check: are your HR procedures up to date?
  • Do you have any current concerns about your employees?

Make sure you protect your business and have the right support in place when you need it.

If you need more information, contact our employment team for a no obligation quote for industry-leading insurance protection against tribunal claim at enquiries@law.uk.com